#7 is a real champion as we get WWE’s AJ Lee nude with our fake picture collection! 9-10-13

September 10, 2013

Crazy hot AJ Lee fake nude pictures
Anyone else find crazy chicks hot? You know what we mean, the kind of girl who’s just as likely to set your apartment on fire as she is to fuck your brains out. It takes a special kind of girl to make crazy look sexy and it just so happens that we have that kind of girl here today. Because we are showing off the #7 girl on our Celeb Hot 50 countdown and it’s none other than the WWE’s hottest and craziest Diva AJ Lee. Not only is she Diva’s Champion but she’s bringing fans who haven’t watched wrestling since the heyday of Trish Stratus and Lita herself Amy Dumas back to the fold and that’s why she’s ranked so highly on our list.

The second we got our first glimpse of AJ Lee on WWE programming we were head over heels. A girl who was into video games and geek culture with complete and utter sincerity and looked as good as she does? Well that’s heaven right there. And while we’re used to wrestling divas like Beth Phoenix with all those muscles, the best place AJ is toned is right in her perfect little butt. Seriously this woman has the best ass out there these days and fortunately WWE loves to show it off as she skips to the ring in short shorts that cling to her tight body like a second skin. No wonder so many people want to see AJ Lee naked.

And the best part is AJ isn’t some kind of manufactured model who decided to be a wrestler. We love you Kelly Kelly but honestly, wrestling was not your bag. However AJ has wanted to wrestle forever and is now living her dream in the best way, winning the belt and going around with a tight, yummy body that almost demands to be fucked. And while WWE is TV PG now which means no more bikini matches and no more Divas taking off their clothes people still badly want to see AJ Lee nude and that’s where our fake photos come into play. We have the kind of hot, sexy fakes that any wrestling fan would want to get as many as possible of.

And this girl’s collection is only growing. She’s had massive popularity over the last couple of years and that popularity is outdistancing the number of fakes we have. We expect that to change because the more she skips around the ring and acts like the sexiest crazy chick in town, sleeping with whomever she wants (and might we suggest she start sleeping with the other Divas) the more her popularity grows and the more fakes of her there will be, allowing #7 on the countdown to be just another stepping stone to the top for her.

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